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Nigerians and there hypocrisy against the development of Nigeria in terms of political issue.

Nigeria   a country in African region base at West African part of the world.
Nigeria got independent from colonial masters since 1960 which is equivalent to 60 years of independent.

The country experience military ruling before then it becomes Democratic country, the country is one and united before the appearance of Mr Ojukwu who claimed to have own country in name of Biafara  which leads the country into a war of 16 month (Hypocrisy 1).

The second and the most effective hypocrisy among Nigerians is there law and order abide in other countries while in there own born country they are unlawful, why?.
For example if Nigerian go-to our neighbors country like Niger Republic they'll observe all rules in the country.
One of the other diversity of the country is vote buying during the election period across the country, how can a country develope if a bad one can win election as soon as he has the money to buy your vote?

How can a country develope if poor people will shout over EFCC for prosecuting corrupt people?
How can a country develope while some one with corruption case can contest for any political position with out any counter part from the poor people of the country?

The hypocrisy here's that I may be prosecuted in 2008 for corruption allegations in the country, as of that time everyone in the country is againsing me but in 20012 I'll contest for any political position and vote by the same people! Why?
As we all know by now 2020 President Buhari is leading the country and he has no any corruption allegations at all but Nigerian is abusing him for not allowing the country tobe in welthy condition, for the expensive life we're in and other problems that are present in the whole world but we think it's only in nigeria.
Due to such hypocrisy The former nigerian diversified party have get mouth to talk that they are good to serve the nation again and dispied The numbers of corruption allegations against them and the diversity brought by them in the country in terms of terrorist mistreated during their governance, and unfortunately the poor people begon to forget about all those things done by those people in the country.

You may think I'm baking the present government which is totally not, there's many things I consider as hypocrisy in this present administration also such as lopsided act by Hon. Minister of work's and housing Baba Tunde Fashola about the Railway and roads work in the country where he almost finished most of the work from the southern part of the country while that of the north are not yet started.
The hypocrisy of Nigerians in terms of the country development is countless by anyone in this country.


As of my little age and the knowledge I want to advise my follow Nigeran with the following statements to consider as adevelopment seeking in the country.

√ Anybody found to be corrupted in the country should be hete by everyone in the country .
√ Any body found to be guilty in any case related to misleading this country should be out of our pety.
√ Any body who comes to you with money and start begging you to vote for him should not be vote by you if you need a shelter and good school to your chelds.
√ Nigerian should put Nigeria and it's development first at the back of their minds.
√ Your good deeds to the country should determine your chance of being vote as a leader in the country.
√ If you found guilty of a single case setting Nigeria back for the pass 20 years you have no say at all times so that you shouldn't seduces in to good ones again.
Nigerians and there hypocrisy against the development of Nigeria in terms of political issue. Nigerians and there hypocrisy against the development of Nigeria in terms of political issue. Reviewed by Alerawas blog on October 09, 2020 Rating: 5

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