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Update about federal government survival funds

some of you know about this but some do not know! 

The government has allocated some funds to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Registration for this grant will begin on September 21, 2020. The address of this grant is You can visit for more details. 

But among the terms of support for small industries are 

= you you most be in a private business and have at least 3 employees in your company

 = 45% of those who will benefit are women 

= and 5% of them with special needs

 = If it is a company, you must be registered with the CAC, and have at least three employees and be the president of the company with a BVN number Those who live in the country, the government will focus on transporter's for example bus drivers and taxis and Uber people and mechanics The subsidy also applies to plumbing, brakes and electrical repair kits as well.

This is also an update from the government officials twitter handle


The application will commence on 21 September in there provided portal

Survival funds portal

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