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Correction of Date of Birth on NYSC Portal.

How to correct you date of birth in nysc page?

As you all know that if you're more than 30 years old you can't even registere on nysc portal you'll be given exemption latter.

By now the information from WAEC portal is the requirements for the dates of birth for any PCMs in nigeria.

. The new procedure is as follows:

✓ goto any WAEC registration point registere with the date you want to use in nysc portal as your date of birth.

✓  Log into your dashboard on nysc portal and click on on change date of Birth.

✓  provide your WAEC registration pin, exam type, year of exam and examination numbar

✓ Click on Verify button


How to correct you're course of study in nysc portal?

Procedure for the change of study course.

Login to your dashboard and click on on on the link for Correction of course of Study;

Select Course of Study; and


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