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Turn Your WordPress Blog Into a Website

Turn Your WordPress Blog Into a Website

Want an convenient way to start a website? If you already have a WordPress weblog then with a few simple tweaks you can turn your WordPress blog into a website.
You see, a WordPress weblog permits you to have each posts and pages.
Let’s discuss about the difference between the two:
A post will exhibit up on your blog page. Posts are most normally listed in chronological order with the most latest submit first. They are regularly available with a comment form for users to comment and interact with the weblog author. You usually discover blog posts by way of checking the weblog page for the most latest post, with the aid of clicking on the category you would like to read a submit from or with the aid of clicking on the archives by means of date to see posts from that time.
A page is very comparable to a submit however there are a few differences. Pages do not exhibit up in chronological order as they are normally no longer dated. A website web page is what you would commonly find in a menu bar throughout the top of the website or in the sidebar. These are a lot extra ‘static’ pages. Typical internet site pages are ‘Home’, ‘About’, ‘Contact’, ‘FAQ’, etc.
So how do you turn a WordPress weblog that now simply lists posts into a website that additionally has pages?
What you need to do is go into your WordPress manage panel and observe these steps:
1. Create as many pages as you would like for your website. Make sure to create a web page you name ‘Home’, this will be used as your homepage. Also create a page named ‘Blog’ which you will use for your weblog posts page if you are retaining your blog.
2. Now you will need to go to the ‘Settings’ area that you can see in the menu on the left facet of your blog. The drop down menu underneath Settings will have an option named ‘Reading’, you’ll need to click that.
3. The first option will be ‘Front Page Displays’. Click on the option ‘A Static Page’.
4. Next you will want to set which web page you prefer to be your homepage. As mentioned above pick the web page you labeled Home for the homepage and the page you labeled Blog for your posts page.
5. Scroll down and click on to save your changes.
That’s how you exchange your WordPress weblog into a website. Please word that this will only work on a weblog that is set up on your personal hosting.
Imagine how a good deal less difficult your lifestyles will be with a internet site you can really update. That’s what a WordPress website can do for your business. Find out greater by way of becoming a member of me as I teach you through my online video, webinar and email teaching application how to create your own WordPress weblog and website
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