Here are one of the best alternative platform of Adsense, 
If you're looking for the way to be generating some income apart from Google Adsense in Nigeria here is it. 
Making online money with surveyeah is as simple as taking a shower!  The platform need to ask you some questions and answers(survay) so as to earn points (money) 
2 point of surveyeah is equivalent to 0.25$ and you can make up-to 5 to 10 point par day. 
Here is how it works 
1.follow the link and sign-up in the surveyeah  Make money online with surveyeah

2.Complete your profile to earn points

  • Invite a friend to earn points
  • You can earn points by completing both surveys in this dashboard and surveys that you will receive directly from us via email (we recommend you add to your contacts to make sure they don't go into the spam folder). Remember that the surveys you receive and complete by email will take about 3 weeks be closed and the points credited.
New partnerships mean you will receive more surveys
Here's the screenshot of my first time earning and I make it within an hour 

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