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Full comprehensive of how was the sokoto tribunal setting was done today 30/july/2019


Full description and comprehension of how sokoto tribunal setting was done today by Hon Nasser bazza 

 Update One ! INEC lawyer ; The REC for INEC was subpoenaed. In compliance with the order REC directed Bashir Ahmed Tahir, the Admin officer in the ops dept of INEC to appear before court and He is in the court to tender the documents. APC lawyer ; The guy should tender the documents and enter the box for cross examination. Lawyers of PDP ; Objection my lord, the guy should not be cross examined. APC lawyer ; And if the guy is not going to testify, he shoud dump the documents and go ! Bashir Tahir (the witness on subpoena) ; I am admin officer for INEC Sokoto, I am here to represent Inec. I have the document Z I which was asked to produce. Z I can identify all and here is lay on the table. Also original copies of EC8a 003 polling unit and others are here with me. APC Lawyer Alex ; He applied for a copy of all the documents tendered by the witness. Court says he should be given. Tribunal ; The court has ruled by giving the documents name (for identification only) but did not admit them in evidences. INEC lead counsel ; My Lords, because of the security and because the documents are public documents open for demands, we urge you to direct the Registry to make phtocopies so that we take back the original Counsel to APC ; Objects, that INEC cannot do that. Tribunal ; Court orders that originals be given back to INEC for security reasons,  but copies should be made immediately, here in the court, and must be compared and confirmed by lawyers from both sides.

Update Two !

- Tambuwal's first witness appear in the box and his name is Bara'u Maidamma.

- Witness was the APO of Randa Polling Unit. He denied APC result and said Tambuwal lawyer's result is the original.

- Witness in trouble during cross examination, as APC lawyer Alex told him that both of APC and PDP documents are carrying your signature. Why ?

- APC lawyer Alex made him to sign six times on an empty paper.  To prove that he is not a witness of truth and his signature on the plain sheet has been admitted by the court in evidence.

Update Three !

- Tambuwal's second witness appear in the box. He is also denying our result and saying PDP results just tendered are the real ones.

- APC lawyer Alex, told him that,  but all the three documents are carrying  the same signatures by you.

- Witness said he didn't sign the documents and he is not the one by law to sign those documents.

- APC lawyer Alex deal with him decisively, the witness left the box very confused.

- Tambuwal's third witness  now in the box. He is also an APO ny name Usama Muhammad.

- Third witness also confused in the box. He was brought by PDP to deny our own results,  but he ended up confirming them during cross examination. Alhamdullah for that.

- Tambuwal's lawyers are now seeking for an adjournement after having serial bombardment by APC lawyer Alex.

- Finally, the court  adjourned the matter  to tomorrow 31 July 2019 for continuation.....
Full comprehensive of how was the sokoto tribunal setting was done today 30/july/2019 Full comprehensive of how was the sokoto tribunal setting was done today 30/july/2019 Reviewed by Alerawas blog on July 30, 2019 Rating: 5

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