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How to activate mtn 70mb for #100 naira , the issue of data is worst than that of airtime today,
So today I decided to share this method of getting 70mb for #100 .
1= buy two mtn one card (mtn one card is a 50 naira card that you can recharge and get 10mb)
2= after you buy your 2 mtn one card for 100 naira and you recharge you will get 20mb
3= from there you have your 20mb and 100 naira then dial *123#
4= you will see different options 1'2'3 etc choose 3 and press OK
5=from there different data duration will appear chose 1 and press OK
6= another option will appear to you choose 1 again and press OK (I.e 50mb for one day ).
That is all you have successfully buy 50mb +20mb they give you as you recharge two one card which is equal to 70mb. Thank you.

HOW TO BUY 70MB FOR #100 ON MTN =FREE BROWSING HOW TO BUY 70MB FOR #100 ON MTN =FREE BROWSING Reviewed by Alerawas blog on February 22, 2018 Rating: 5

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