Fastest Tips on how To Rank Your Blog & Name On Google’s First Page- 2018 Tips To Rank Your Blog & Name On Google’s First Page- 2018

Easy, Fastest Tips To Rank Your Blog & Name On Google’s First Page- 2018
Tips To Rank Your Blog & Name On Google’s First Page- 2018  Any blog that is not ranking on the first page of Google is a “Dead Blog” agree or not!!!
every bloggers desire to get his or her blog on the very first page of Google, because he or she knows the benefits of blogs ranks on Google. Of course you should know that if your blog is receiving natural traffic from Google, definitely you would be getting the massive viewers, new visitors, new subscribers, and more sales if you sell products, more traffic, more money from affiliate programs and Google Adsense.
You could imagine 1 Million Nigerian Jambite Students searching about How to purchase past questions and answers from Edustore Nigeria or how to start an Educational Blog Like Edustore Nigeria. And he or she eventually arrives to your blog or woo commerce store and buy 3 different past questions at the rate of N2,000 (Nigerians Currency)?
You are on Millions already! So getting your blog, name, and product to ranking on Google is very important and crucial for Online Business and lots more. How To Rank Your Blog and Name On Google’s First Page In 2018
Ever since I ventured into Blogging in 2017, I have always wanted my Name, Blog Posts, and Products to rank on Google and the fact here is that today if you search for Alerawas blog , alerawa, benauwal you would see that it’s having over 23,846 Searches in 1 day.
Actually that was my dream before I got into my Blogging career in 2016; I wanted my name to rank on Google like that of
Linda Ikeji and naij .
Which I achieved in 4 Month! You Too Can Make Your Name, Your Products, Your New Blog Rank Faster On Google’s First Page In 2018. Like I said earlier on, if you want your name, products, blog, business to be found on Google, you need to work so hard so that your blog can receive Organic traffic from search engines. Most people might want to ask me, what is organic traffic? Organic traffic simply means websites visits to your blog, that is to say the visitors where directed from any of the Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo straight to your blog.
6 Tips To Rank Your Name On Google’s First Page
1. Facebook: I cannot talk about ranking factors without including Facebook to this list or else it’s useless. Do you know that Facebook is given 100% priority on Google ranking?So if your facebook profile which I will be talking about soon is well optimized, then ranking your name shouldn’t be a big deal.
In order to rank your facebook name on Google search, you will need to have a well optimized and written profile. When I say profile, I mean both your real profile picture and about yourself on Facebook. A good profile will help speed up the action as fast as possible, most especially if there is no competitor on that name.
YouTube: YouTube is the Ultimate and Most Fastest of All, some of you should have know fully that YouTube is 2nd largest search engines in the world, no two ways about it. There are so features that freely come with YouTube, I can say that having a YouTube Account is Free; you don’t have to pay a dime to have it.YouTube channels with a very well optimized About Page with your every detail can get you ranking fast on Google’s first page in 24 Hours time. I have tried it and tested it and its working superb for me and my business, so I’m a celebrity.
Yeah! You too can become a celebrity or a Professional like me in 24 Hours if you can apply every Nitty Gritty things I said in this tutorial
Twitter : Google gives any one on Twitter with a much optimized profile the second or third space on the Google search depending on how highly optimized the authors profile is. So in this case you have seen that before you get your name to rank on the Google search engine, you need to put social media as your No.1 Priority to hasten the results. Google Bot Crawls Twitter & Facebook almost every 24 Hours so as to index new contents. So if your profile is ready to be indexed on the Google search engine page, then Google bot will pick and index it. Also if you are the kind of twitter geek that loves mentioning yourself and other twitter friends with an
#Alerawas_blog, #Alerawa, #Lifestylengs #Bloggingbro, #Donaldtrump #Barrackobama and so many more then you would be given 2 space on Google. One for Hashtags and another for your twitter profile.
Instagram : has been doing so cool, so Google has given anyone with a well optimized profile on Instagram to rank on the Google search engine. So if you’re on Instagram and you are not ranking your profile on Google then you need to work on your Instagram profile and profile picture to start seeing fast results of your name ranking on Google.
LinkedIn: Recently Google gave LinkedIn this great priority for its uniqueness, so if you are on LinkedIn and you have a full detailed profile about yourself and company then that makes it more faster.
Note : Please when I say a Full detailed profile, I don’t mean the 1-2 sentence profile; here I mean a detailed profile Like the one you’re seeing below.
Blogs : this have been another fastest way of getting your name and products rank on Google, for example, when I first ventured into Blogging in 2017 I did 2 Guest Post on some Top Nigerian blogs alerawa, Nairaland, Two News, Vanguard Community, Zealmat, Loudtips & Dialoaded and they are attached to my profile ranking on Google. So if you can open a blog with your name; for example my name is alerawa and I decided to open my blog with the this Url then when you search for me on Google you would see my website first before every other pages of me. Not only that it’s not a must to use your name to create a website, you can use your company name and also include on your About Page of your blog with every necessary details about yourself, so as to help Google Bot find you content and index it on Search Engine. So if you search for
Alerawa on Google, definitely you would see those 3 Blogs attached to my profile.
I have applied every strategy I gave you and its working fine for me this is why when people ask me for my social media username and lots more I would simply tell them to go search for me on Google. It has been working for me since I ventured into blogging since 2017 till date I am well recognized on the internet because of the secrets you’ve read. So don’t procrastinate, and wasting too much time; quickly log in to all your social media platform and start restructuring them till you start seeing drastic results on your Name, Products, Company, Brand and so much more.
Fastest Tips on how To Rank Your Blog & Name On Google’s First Page- 2018 Tips To Rank Your Blog & Name On Google’s First Page- 2018  Fastest Tips on how To Rank Your Blog & Name On Google’s First Page- 2018  Tips To Rank Your Blog & Name On Google’s First Page- 2018 Reviewed by Alerawas blog on February 26, 2018 Rating: 5

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